M&M Demo+Maintenance Services 

Interior Services
 (Residential & Commercial)

-Interior Strip Out

-Interior Gut Out

-Tile Removal 

-Final Cleaning

-Progressive Cleaning

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                          About Us

M&M Demo & Maintenance Services, LLC is a family-owned business and was formed in August 2017, Offering Interior Demolition, Post Construction Cleaning, and Pressure Cleaning for residential and commercial buildings. We have obtained extensive experience since 2010, completing both large and small projects exceeding the expectation of our clients. Delivering excellent projects is our priority. Our Focus is to ensure high-quality workmanship, building relationships with clients and contractors, offering professional service, delivering quality work within given timeframes, and achieving complete customer satisfaction. M&M Demo & Maintenance Services, LLC is not just an Interior Demolition company, we are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community. Our employees are the key to our successful and growing business. Careful selection, training, and support are of uppermost importance.

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